Helping Companies Achieve Organizational Effectiveness

“The greatest sign of our success is when a client doesn’t need our help in that area any longer. Often they ask us back to help with something else.”

Nancy Ring

• Is your company achieving the real results your strategic plan calls for?
• If not, do you know why not – and how to change that?

The Communication Partnership, Ltd. (TCP) works closely with companies to help them achieve organizational effectiveness. We understand that every company is different and offer only practical, customized solutions for each client.

Assessment – The First Step in the Process

We’ve worked with many executives to help evaluate how well the company strategy is being understood and implemented. We utilize focus groups, and telephone and written surveys to gather specific information. The results are reported confidentially to executive management.

Confidentiality and objectivity are the primary reasons many organizations look to us for information gathering. Many employees feel more comfortable talking openly with a third-party company. We also provide a fresh look at the organization and objective feedback based on the data gathered from employee focus groups and interviews.
Next we diagnose, recommend, and work in partnership with you.

Equipped with this information we diagnose the situation and offer a practical, customized solution to help the organization reach its goals. We then work in partnership with your leaders and other employees to facilitate the initiatives necessary for you to achieve your strategic goals. This partnership approach is critical to the success of the process. If your leaders and employees don’t actively participate in the process, it becomes just another “flavor of the month.” If they participate, however, they own the process – and the results.

“The Communication Partnership has a mild-mannered and probing approach to getting me to question and understand the underlying structures (or principles) responsible for the behaviors of our systems — whether these are the inherent beliefs of individuals driving their interactions and work performance, or the underpinnings of corporate culture which must be understood to make patterns sensible, and allow for successful navigation. The decade-long experience these colleagues have with my company, and the manner in which it is used, provided a rich and valuable palette in helping me position my organization, my staff, and myself to contribute in the best way possible.”

Distinguished Research Fellow, Major Pharmaceutical Company

Representative Client List

While not complete, this list is representative of the many kinds of organizations we’ve had the pleasure of serving since we began in 1990:
• Amylin Pharmaceuticals
• Amgen Pharmaceuticals
• Council CPA
• Eli Lilly & Company
• EMD Pharmaceuticals/Merck KGaA
• Goodwill of The Southern Piedmont
• Kimley-Horn Engineering
• The Lee Leadership Institute
• The McColl School of Business at Queens University
• Metrolina AIDS Project
• Morehead Associates
• Mountain Capital Group
• ViroPharma Pharmaceuticals
• Wescorp


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