Organizational Development Consulting

Organizational Alignment

Since 1990, companies have been turning to us for guidance in aligning their organization to their strategic goals and plans.

Case Study 1:
Reorganize Around a New Strategic Plan

A world-wide technical company committed to a new strategic plan and needed to re-organize the company around that plan.

We listened to the needs of the employees, then worked closely with management to determine how to best organize employee groups to take on the initiative of the new strategic plan. We also helped determine the messages management wanted employees to understand and designed the meetings and other strategies to communicate those messages.

The company experienced a smooth transition to the new strategic plan at all levels of the organization. They also improved morale by involving employees in re-designing the organization and ensuring they understood the new strategic direction. A by-product of many TCP functions is team building. In this case, we included team building activities among the groups to improve the interface among employees and between groups.